// lead vocals


The frontman of the band and player of the invisible tambourine. Once parachuted and had a flying lesson, not at the same time though. If you watch him carefully you'll see he's never quite forgotten his experiences. Often leaves cruises with a fan club as he never has to be asked twice to sing, 


// guitar and vocals

A soft southerner - though we've never held that against him. We don't let him test the mics when we're setting up as this brings out his dark side. Playing guitar is as exciting for him as your first taste of ice cream was when you were three. Has a photographic memory so no excuses for missing a chord. Rehearsal organiser because he loves lists, although we haven't ever seen one.


// drums


He is Thor. The engine of the band. Engine of a tank rather than a Mini. Ex forces, thinks the drums are the enemy and tries to batter them into submission. A Scotsman so he likes battering everything. Hard to understand after a few beers. Also hard to understand before a few beers.


// bass and vocals


The clasically trained musician of the band, skilled on other instruments and often wonders how he ended up on bass/harmonies. In his mind he is still a teenager, but as you'll see he is far from that. Minds can play funny tricks on you- especially when you're his age. Very popular with our female fans. You may hear the occasional song written by him during the set.


// sax and keys

Once described himself as the hippy of the band, though we are still waiting to see the sandals and face paint. A talented musician, plays keyboard and has the ladies fainting when his lips bring his tenor saxophone to life. Often can be found scurrying around the other players mid song as he is the scientist and technician of the band.