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// Lead Vocals


The frontman of the band and tambourine virtuoso.  He likes trucks, motorbikes, beer, and weirdly, golf. Related to everyone in Lancashire. Says 'OK' a lot.


// Lead Vocals and Guitar

Co-lead singer and a poncy southerner, brings the energy to the band. Tends to get over-excited when audience members fall over onto his rig, which can lead to ripe language.


// Drums


He is Thor. Ex forces, thinks the drums are the enemy and tries to batter them into submission. A Scotsman so he likes battering everything. Likes nuts to keep his salt levels up. Ask him about his late night trip to Billy Bob's.  


// Bass and Vocals


The clasically trained musician of the band who somehow ended up on bass. He's quite old, but still got some teeth. Popular with female fans of a certain age.


// Sax and Keys

Another poncy southerner. A Leftie, practically a communist. Likes jazz (weird) and doubles up as band techie as all the others are useless. 

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